Casement Windows

Casement Windows in Oxford in pastel shade

At Isis, we supply casement windows in Oxford city centre as well as across the whole county of Oxfordshire. Customers love our products because they look stunning while being extremely hard wearing and offering excellent energy efficiency.

What Exactly Is a Casement Window?

By the way, if you’re not entirely sure precisely what a casement window is, you’re not alone! Basically, ‘casement’ is merely the opening bit of the window, fixed to its frame by one or more hinges on the side. Versatile, timeless and effortlessly practical, these models open to their full extent to give the widest view of the outside world while allowing maximum natural light to flood into your room. (So, in this, they’re not unlike French windows and doors.)

Among today’s versions are push-out windows, plus single or double casements, while you can also fit this style of window in bay or bow-shaped openings.

And, given that casement windows have been around since the 1700s, when they served as replacements for the older style of stone mullioned window, they’ve definitely stood the test of time.

Casement Window Designer

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Moving With The Times

But, of course, these units have moved on considerably since the eighteenth century! These days, you can combine the impressive visual benefits of traditional casement windows with the performance of ultra-modern models.

The latest double glazing technology, for example, offers superior energy efficiency, meaning your energy bills could dip significantly with replacement windows and doors, and you could also by saying goodbye to damp, condensation and similar nasties. Additionally, new casement windows provide an outstanding level of security, protecting your home and family.

Our Casement Windows

There are many reasons our casement windows are so popular with our customers:

  • We offer them in a gorgeous line-up of style and colours, including our pastel shades, currently flying off the shelves.
  • At Isis our casement windows come with a decade-long warranty on every installation, giving our customers complete confidence in and reassurance about the standard of our work.
  • Take your pick from our top-quality uPVC windows, or timber-effect units aimed at replicating the gorgeous appearance of real wood. (Frankly, you’d be hard-pressed to tell the difference.)
  • As well as an array of varied colours, our uPVC casement windows are available in a number of different woodgrain finishes – and, again, these are virtually indistinguishable from the real thing. However, unlike real wood, they won’t warp, crack or peel whatever the winter throws at them.

Finally, our high-performing casement windows, the System10 Rustique models, mean you enjoy superb security plus outstanding noise and heat insulation. Look forward to comfort, style and excellent functionality.

Casement Windows in Oxfordshire Country House
uPVC Casement Windows in Oxford with Lead Bars
uPVC Casement Windows with Georgian Bars Oxford

Refreshing Your Home with uPVC Casement Windows

In late February 2020, UK house prices were rising at their highest rate for 18 months. Good news if you’re thinking about upping sticks and selling your property.

When someone first comes to view your home, first impressions really do count, so the outside of your house is just as important as what is inside. According to Channel 4 property gurus Kirstie and Phil, first impressions can add up to £5,000 to your asking price.

Even if you have no intention of moving any time soon, new casement windows are a good way to enhance your home.

Additional features from Georgian bars to decorative leaded glazing are options if you want to retain or enhance your property’s character. These kinds of aspects look especially good in a rural or country-style dwelling.

Choose something utterly unlike what you have now, or simply replace your windows in their existing style. We can alter size and opening configurations so they’re tailored to your home.


Other Benefits of Casement Windows

These models offer numerous other advantages:

  • They’re easy to open and close
  • They provide excellent ventilation
  • They can be tailor-made to fit any size of any opening
  • Very limited maintenance is needed to keep them looking their best

Helping You Have the Ideal Windows for Your Home

At Isis, we’re well placed to advise you on which casement windows would best suit your home, according to your budget, needs and tastes, and, of course, the particular style of your property. Remember, we’ve been doing this for decades.

Here’s how it works. Let us come up with a plan for your uPVC casement windows following an initial consultation. Once you’re happy, our professional, friendly fitters get to work, using their expertise to do an outstanding job. What’s more, we clear up after ourselves and are always very aware of the need to minimise disruption to customers’ daily lives.

Get in touch right now for a quote, without cost or obligation.

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