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Sliding Sash Windows in Oxfordshire on Terraced House

Sash Windows from Isis Windows

We offer sliding sash windows in Oxford and Oxfordshire. A sash window is made from one or more moveable panels or sashes forming a frame holding glass panes, often separated from others by glazing bars.
Almost always, the term refers to windows where the glazed panels are opened by sliding vertically, or horizontally, and these models have been found in English homes as far back as the 1670s.

The style is often found in Victorian and Georgian houses, and, in the classic arrangement, there are three panes across by two up on each of two sashes, giving a six by six window, although this isn’t set in stone.
To make the operation smoother, the weight of the glazed panel is typically balanced by a heavy weight or counter-weight hidden within the frame.

If you’re looking to update your double glazing, then sash windows are a popular choice and whatever material you choose, will help retain the character of your home.

Benefits of Sash Windows

Modern sliding sash windows can take thicker glazing or double glazing, so you no longer need to compromise on style for comfort.
Equally, modern sliding sash windows are designed to have no cold spots or bring in any unwanted draughts. They keep in heat during the cooler months, while easy, full opening means you can get cooling air steadily flowing through your home in the summer.

Today’s sliding sash windows are also highly functional and long-lasting, providing a smooth, dependable operation. They’re also low maintenance, with only the odd wipe with a damp cloth needed.
Finally, the versatility of the sliding sash window means it can suit your home whether you live in a contemporary or period home.

Sliding Sash Windows in Oxford on a red-brick house
Terraced House with Double Glazing Sliding Sash Windows in Oxford

Our Sash Window Solutions

Our team of highly-skilled fitters are able to install superior quality, beautifully styled uPVC Sash windows in Oxfordshire, including in Oxford, Bicester and Chipping Norton. Our range includes sliding sash models from the System 10 Rustique range, combining function, form and aesthetic appeal in a single product.
Choose from this line-up of products and look forward to the following benefits:

  • Proven energy efficiency – save money on energy bills so that, over the lifespan of the product, the windows effectively pay for themselves.
  • Peace and quiet – thanks to the outstanding acoustic insulation, which helps keep unwelcome noise at bay
  • Peace of mind – thanks to a string of security measures from protected hinges and super-strength locking systems; we also offer the choice to add fire escape and child safety measures
  • A low-maintenance solution – with no rotting, peeling, rusting, warping or cracking, whatever the worst of the British weather throws at your windows
  • An eco-friendly solution – all products can be recycled
  • Designed and engineered with the highest quality and reliability standards in mind
  • A high-spec profile for enhanced performance

Stacks of choice

Choose the same style as the windows you’re replacing, or go for something completely different.

Our double-glazed, sealed glass sliding sash solutions are timelessly elegant, fashioned with stunning proportions and symmetry, and crafted with real attention to detail. They help recreate the look of an original sash model from a bygone era, making these replacements the natural choice for a period property.

These solutions are all enhanced by suitable ‘furniture’ such as handles, in a choice of stunning finishes – ultra-modern, chrome or clean, equally modern white or traditional gold. Additionally, Georgian bars can be fitted for an even more authentic appearance, ideal if you’re particularly keen to preserve a period property’s true character.

You also have a choice of colour options and glazing styles, and a trio of classic finishes – cherrywood, oak or rosewood, with a woodgrain pattern or up-to-the minute white finish.

House in Oxford with white Sliding Sash Windows

Why choose Isis Windows?

Isis has been offering a fantastic range of windows and doors for more than 20 years, with products and service standards consistently far exceeding standard industry guarantees.

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  • FENSA-accredited: The Fenestration Self-Assessment scheme was established by the industry with government approval in response to building regulations. It means we meet all existing thermal performance standards, giving you total peace of mind and confidence in our products.
  • Our track record of excellent customer service comes from an independent Installation Quality Survey
  • All installations are underwritten for 10 years by GGFi (Glass and Glazing Federation Insurance)

Our professional approach and high levels of service means we’ve had thousands of happy customers and countless personal recommendations over the years.

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