Timber Effect Windows

Isis Windows supplies timber effect windows and doors across Oxford and the wider county of Oxfordshire. Thanks to our highly robust and hardwearing models in this style, you can start looking forward to a smarter-looking, more energy-efficient home.

We offer our customers stacks of choice, so provide these models in a great line-up of styles from casement and French windows to flush sash models available in a variety of colours and woodgrain-effect appearances too.

We’re always hearing comments that these units are all but indistinguishable from the real thing. However, you will see a difference in terms of improved insulation, their ability to last years, reduced vulnerability to damp and a greater ability to withstand the great British weather, all year round.

Timber Effect Windows Designer

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Timber effect windows: Reap Big Benefits

Install timber-style windows instead of the real thing and you’ll soon start to feel the advantages:

Get the look of real wood for less

With their woodgrain effect finish replica timber windows maintain a property’s traditional appearance with the look and feel of real wood. They offer the outstanding performance you’d expect from modern units. What’s more, they can accommodate both triple and double glazing.

Low, low maintenance

A quick wipe with a damp cloth is all your timber effect windows will need, making these models the hassle-free choice. No other maintenance is needed to keep your replica windows looking their absolute best.

Superb energy efficiency

Timber effect windows come with high quality double glazing as standard. Their multi-chambered profile is designed for enhanced thermal retention and timber effect window are the energy-efficient choice.

A look for all homes

With their subtle design, rainbow of available colours and woodgrain finishes, timber-style windows suit a broad range of properties, from period and traditional constructions to those built in a more modern style.

Peace of Mind with a 10-year Guarantee

We’re so confident about our products’ performance we offer a 10-year guarantee on all hardware and parts, thereby giving our customers peace of mind that our windows are tough and long-lasting.

We offer a number of ways for our customers to tailor their windows to suit their homes and their tastes, especially for those in rural areas. This includes, for example, the addition of Georgian bars or leaded glazing to enhance a property’s character.

Increase Kerb Appeal

Estate agents often talk about “kerb appeal”, that is, the appearance of a property from the street and its impact on it’s value.  Timber effect windows can do a great deal to make a place more desirable and refresh it significantly, not least if you’re thinking of selling.

These models are even more of a selling point when you consider how far double glazing has come in recent years. The newest, most advanced technology does a lot to help keep energy bills low, while boosting energy efficiency.

Isis Windows Is Here to Help

Isis Windows has been working in the industry for over 25 years. So when it comes to windows and doors, we know what we’re talking about. Tap into our expertise and get our advice on which timber effect windows would be the best for your requirements and your home.

Ask us for a free quote for timber effect windows windows today and speak to a member of our friendly, professional team.

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Timber effect windows Frequently Asked Questions

What are timber effect windows?

Timber effect windows are windows that have the appearance of traditional timber windows but are made from uPVC. They are designed to provide the same aesthetic appeal as traditional timber windows while offering better durability, insulation, and weather resistance.

What styles of windows are available?

Timber effect windows are available in a range of styles, including casement, French, and flush sash models.

How do timber effect windows compare to traditional timber windows?

While timber effect windows have the same aesthetic appeal as traditional timber windows, they offer better insulation, durability, and weather resistance. They also require less maintenance than traditional timber windows.

What are the benefits of timber effect windows?

The benefits of timber effect windows include low maintenance requirements, high energy efficiency, a range of available colors and finishes, and a long lifespan.

Can timber effect windows accommodate double and triple glazing?

Yes, timber effect windows can accommodate both double and triple glazing.

What is the guarantee on timber effect windows?

Isis Windows offers a 10-year guarantee on all hardware and parts of their timber effect windows.

Can timber effect windows be customized?

Yes, timber effect windows can be customized to suit the requirements and tastes of individual customers. This includes the addition of Georgian bars or leaded glazing to enhance a property’s character.

How can timber effect windows improve kerb appeal?

Timber effect windows can improve kerb appeal by providing a refreshed and desirable appearance to a property, especially if the property is being sold.

How can customers get advice on which timber effect windows are best for their home?

Customers can tap into the expertise of Isis Windows and get their advice on which timber effect windows would be the best for their requirements and their home.

How can customers get a quote for timber effect windows?

Customers can ask Isis Windows for a free quote for timber effect windows by dropping them a message, sending an email to sales@isiswindows.co.uk or by calling 01869 343434.