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French Windows Oxford by Isis Windows

Isis Windows provides the very best in French windows and doors for use internally and to open up the outside world, in both commercial and domestic settings. We do this all over central Oxford, and across the wider Oxfordshire area. Not only do these products of ours look amazing, they also offer outstanding energy efficiency and are incredibly long-lasting.

When it comes to colours and styles of uPVC French windows, we like to think our customers are spoilt for choice. And while it may sound slightly surprising, our gorgeous range of pastel hues, in particular, has proven hugely popular.

What’s more, for additional peace of mind, our French windows come with a decade-long warranty covering all parts and hardware.

Equally, we offer the best in modern performance with all our products, and the very latest double glazing technology.

French Window Designer

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French Windows to Suit Your Home

Whatever the size and style of your home, whatever your budget, whatever your design tastes, we have French windows to complete your property to perfection, in an array of different materials, including uPVC timber French windows that look just like real wood and come in a broad range of woodgrain finishes.

Equally, we have the perfect finishing touch for your new French windows, including hardware such as ‘monkey tail’ handles which go especially well in a country cottage-style home.

At the same time, if it’s French doors you’re after, we offer a wide selection, again designed to suit a broad range of properties.

The History of French Windows

First designed in, as the name suggests, France during the Renaissance, French windows have come a long way since the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries! Originally constructed from wood, wrought iron and glass, this style soon made the journey across the Channel and has been sought-after ever since.

French Windows vs. Casement Windows: What’s the Difference?

Whether you go for uPVC timber French windows or anything else, it’s worth understanding the differences between casement windows and French models. While the latter tend to have just two panels at most, casement units will often have more, and may also have a secondary, smaller window at the top that opens inwards.

French Windows with Georgian Bars in Oxford
Grey Fench Windows Oxford

Refresh Your Residence

When it comes to dramatically improving the look of your home, few things outdo new French windows.

No one should underestimate the importance of first impressions, and what a property looks like from the street – the kerb appeal as estate agents like to call it! Windows and doors can enhance a place’s desirability, and therefore, importantly, its price.

And don’t forget that you can fit yours with things like leaded glazing or elegant Georgian bars to add character, especially on country cottages and similar buildings.

Apart from anything else, even if you have no plans to move, you may want to upgrade your windows to take advantage of the latest double glazing technology – which has advanced significantly in recent years. This can make a real impact when it comes to energy efficiency, so you could soon be noticing the difference in your energy bills.

Equally, with the resulting reduced damp and condensation, you’ll also quickly be enjoying a home that’s also a lot more comfortable to live in.

How We Can Help With Your French Windows

At Isis Windows, with many years of industry experience under our belts, we’re ideally placed to help our customers to advise on the best type of French windows for your home, depending on your needs and budget and the style of where you live.

So talk to us today. We’d be pleased to offer you a quote without charge or obligation. Then, when they come round to do the work, you’ll find our professional, friendly and helpful fitters really know what they’re doing, and take the job seriously. We’re committed to carrying out home improvements, whether that’s installing uPVC windows or anything else, with minimal disruption to our customers’ daily lives.

And, whatever your situation, we’ve been in the business long enough that we’ll have seen it all before. So give us a call today to get the ball rolling.

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