It’s the gateway to your home, creates that vital first impression and can do more than you may have realised to enhance your home’s value and what estate agents like to call ‘kerb appeal.’ Indeed, your front door says more about you than you may have realised. It’s a feature of your property and not merely functional.

At this time of year in particular, with Christmas all but here, all things related to where you live somehow seem more important. Your front door is the threshold across which you will welcome family and friends to home and hearth, and probably where you’ll want to hang a festive wreath.

When it comes to choosing your front door, here are a few things to consider:

  • How much should I pay for my front door?

While you could pick up an off-the-shelf model for a few hundred pounds, it’s generally agreed that quality is more important, and that saving money on your front door initially is a false economy.

In any event, price also depends on the size of the opening, as well as other specifications.

  • Look for a guarantee

Look elsewhere if your provider won’t issue you with a warranty of at least a decade.

  • Better by design?

While listed structures or those in a conservation area have limited options, in most cases your front door is your chance to make your mark on your property. And if you’re building a place from scratch, there’s more freedom with the chance to specify the size of the opening. Larger sizes of portal are now becoming more widely available because of this.

Clearly, it’s no bad thing to match the period of the building. The Victorian classic model with two infill panels at the bottom and two glazed panels is one example of a more traditional style.

Don’t forget you can also specify ironmongery and colours, with traditional doors looking better with primary colours and brass hardware. Modern versions may suit pastel shades or wood grain.

  • Material choice

Aluminium looks more modern and composite doors are low maintenance, while timber can mean more upkeep but is highly insulating and easily repainted.

  • Make it airtight

To comply with Building Regulations Part L, the door’s U value should not exceed 1.8W/m²K. Look for an air-tested, weather-tested model to ensure high performance.

  • Safe as houses

Building regs now specify new front doors can’t have letter plates a hand can be stuck through and must have a door viewer and limiter. Ask about Secured by Design accreditation. Clearly, look for high-quality, multi-point locking as well.

You may also want to think about some of the innovations on the market, from fingerprint entry to ‘smart’ locks and doorbells.

Above all, when choosing a door, the main mistake people make is not doing their research, leading to ending up with the wrong size or style of product.

At Isis Windows, covering doors and windows in Oxford and around, we have a stunning line-up of products. Find out more about our replacement doors, including composite and uPVC versions as well as bi-folding and sliding patio models. Talk to a member of the non-pushy, knowledgeable team today. You could be welcoming visitors through your new front door by Christmas!